Work Projects Needed

****Sertoma Camp Endeavor Work Projects 2015.

  1. east fence line brush cut  and removed 4 men for 6 hours   needs 3 chainsaws, tractor and trailer  need 2 more saws
  2. carpenter with tools repair of doors and doors &, cabinet tops, in the main bldg.   materials as needed   4 men 6 hours
  3. 3.cement 12 polesi in obstacle course  4men   6 hours        needed cement, wheel barrels, post hole digers, and shovels
  4. replace truss on barn install t111 and vinyl siding  6 men 6 hours   needed  truss siding nails t111  ladder or lifts
  5. heavy equipment d9 dozier and operator 2 days plus 2 men  16 hours    clear lower lake west end area
  6. 6  .cut and clear brush all different locations  6 men 4 days    hillside by lake   west end
  7. paint camp endeavor sign west end  1 man 6 hours  needed ladder brushes paint
  8. 8  .repair doors front of canoe shed , paint shed . build another 3 canoe stand     4 men 6 hours    lumber,   paint    brushes    tools
  9. shower house paint and replace 2 outside doors check and fix plumbing  1 plumber 6 hours 1 helper  1 carpenter and 3 men 6hours   doors and  materials
  10. bob’s house 4 motion detector lights,  trench to divert water away from house  6 men 6 hours        lights and shovels
  11. backhoe work 2 days 2 men           backhoe
  12. weeds from lake  10 men  6 hours
  13. carpenter 6 hours bob’s house  trim installed and various things  materials and tools
  14. 6 men 2 days install roof on patio  lumber nails    high cost of lumber
  15. paint storage shed   2 men   6 hours

To confirm or get any additional information, please email the Board President Charles Lake at his email address

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