Camp Needs

First and foremost we would like you to consider becoming a supporter of Camp Endeavor.  Here is the form, please look it over and consider what level of membership you would like to achieve!

Listed below are some of the needs that Camp Endeavor currently have.  If you or your Sertoma Club would like to assist, please send us a reply and we will be in contact!  Of course our primary need is donations for the Summer Camp Program.  It costs $1,200 per camper.  With 50 camper for the two week camp session any donation is greatly appreciated!

Cost Item
1 $3,600 Monthly Cost for General Operations
2 $2,000 Repair to Barn Roof
3 $6,500 Financial Audit
4 $50 Chair Fund (Replacements are needed time to time)
5 $85 Table Fund (Replacements are needed time to time)
6 $1,500 Cabin Repairs (New Florescent cabin lighting)
7 $700 Deep Fat Fryer
8 $2,500 Small Irrigation System
9 $12,000 Replace 4 Cafitorium air conditioning units. Currently operating but old.
10 $10,500 Fire alarm system and upgrades for Cafitorium to pass new fire codes (Still needed$6,500 on hand!)
11 $4,500 Bush Hog (mower) for our tractor
12 $50,000 Fund for new roofs. Currently $0 but this should have been started when the roofs were new.
13 $9,000 For 3 Cabin air conditioning units. $3,000 per cabin.
14 $5,000  Golf Cart – Gas powered cart cannot be repaired and has been junked

If you and/or your club would like to visit Camp Endeavor for a possible work day, we have some one day projects that we could really use the help with.  Again if you are interested please respond with a reply and we will be in touch.


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