June Board Agenda

Sertoma Camp Endeavor
Dundee, Florida
Board of Directors Meeting, 06/03/2017, 10:00 A.M.
WWW. sertomacampendeavor.net (check it out)

 Call to Order:

A. Pledge.
B. Invocation.
C. Caretaker Report. Bob Caszatt.

Secretary’s Report.

A. Minutes of May 6, 2017
B. Correspondence.
C. Review of tabled items from last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.

A. Monthly balance sheet & income report.
B. Payments needing approval.
C. Grants Received.
D. Sertoma Giving Report.

Committee Reports.

A. Rental Committee: Income Report.
B. Public Relations Committee: Chamber of Commerce report.
C. Building & Maintenance Committee:
1.Repairs needed & made.
D. Report on Nurse or EMT. .

Presidents Report .

A. New Business.
B. Old Business.

Next Meeting July 1, 2017

Motion to Adjourn.

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