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Sertoma Board Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2017

Board Members Present: Charles Lake, Thelma Henry, Bob Caszatt, Richard and Mimi LePere, Don Paulich, Bud Osborn, John Wasmund, Ray Rogers, and Don Paulich

Guests Present: Mike Lopez, and Scott and Lauren Hartman

Meeting called to order

Pledge and Prayer given:

Caretaker’s Report

Bob Caszatt:

  • Discussion concerning tree and brush removal
  • Kevin Hursberger can repair roof and porch on caretaker’s house for $3,500; $2,000 down needed for materials. Motioned and approved.
  • Request permission to purchase a hose and reel for the house: cost $50.

John Wasmund:

  • Correspondence received from the Jacarlene Foundation.

Don Paulich:

  • Not getting enough rentals
  • Proposed solution: invite groups such as the Special Olympics

Mike Lopez, Chairman of Special Olympics:

  • Interested in camp for children with Downs Syndrome and/or Learning Disabilities.
  • Will go to local churches to ask for general donations and sponsorships for individual children.
  • Gave information regarding his son’s special needs camp: cost for one week – $400.
  • Charles Lake informed Mike Lopez of costs for Camp Endeavor: $150 fee per camper. Total cost for two-week camp per camper is $1,200; difference paid for by board. For 75 campers, a staff of 100 is needed. The number of staff needed for suggested camp would be higher due to special needs.
  • General discussion of food costs and paid staff.
  • Expense records for Camp Endeavor will be given to Mike Lopez for reference.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Wasmund:

  • Anonimus: $25,000 donation given 2016 and 2017
  • No payments needed for approval
  • Voted and approved
  • Charles Lake questioned money listed as restricted; appears board has nothing for expenditures.
  • John Wasmund says this allows for money to go into savings for interest purposes.
  • Charles Lake requests money be moved to general funds for operation. Monies should only be listed as restricted if labeled by benefactor for specific use.

Committee Reports:

Thelma Henry:

  • $25 dues still needed from some board members.
  • Report of monthly rentals:
  • March – one rental: Railroad
  • $500 deposit, $1,293 fee, $116 paid to Ray Rodgers for supervision of event, $50 to Bob Caszatt for general caretaking, $125 for toilet repair
  • April – 1 rental
  • May – Every weekend booked
  • June and July – 0
  • August – 2
  • – 0
  • – 3

General Discussion of policies and contract for party rentals:

  • Ray Rodgers:
    • Reports recent party had 500+ guests. Doors closed at 8pm, but guests still continued to enter through back door. Asked what should be done when limit is reached.
  • Don Paulich:
    • Hire people for each door. Count people coming in, limit 230.
  • Bud Osborne:
    • For every 50 guests, a paid police officer, minimum two, should be hired at the rate of $30-$40 for the hours of 6pm – 12am. Cost will be paid for by guests.
  • Thelma:
    • States need for new contract.
  • Bud Osborne:
    • For every 250 guests, 4 porta-johns should be rented so as not to burden building facilities.
  • Ray Rodgers:
    • Every event needs at least one board member present. Board member should be paid.
  • Don Paulich:
    • Will contact sheriff’s office regarding cost of officers as guards.
    • Thelma Henry and Ray Rodgers should be paid as an administration fee at the rate of $20 per hour. Current pay rate is $116 per party.:
  • Charles Lake
    • Will write new contract.
  • Bud Osborne:
    • All hours worked by board members must be predetermined in contract.
  • Don Paulich:
    • Proposed motion to vote on at least two officers to be present and compensated for all future events. Suggestion for motion tabled until next month.
  • Charles Lake:
    • Question for vote accepted resulting in a “yes”.
  • Bud Osborne:
    • Suggested a limit of 230 wristbands be given to door attendants as a way to count the number of guests.

Ray Rodgers:

  • Requests letter be sent regarding $2,668.76 for stage improvements. Don Paulich states this has already been done.
  • Will request estimate for curtain cleaning.
  • Motion made for acceptance of stage expenses by Don Paulich, 2nd by Mimi.
  • Knights of Columbus: donation of $1000, membership given

Thelma Henry:

  • Personal donation made to Taste of Dundee in name of Camp Endeavor.

President’s Report:

New Business:

Bud Osborne:

  • Reports that most state funding is currently directed towards signers.
  • Feels that American Sign Language is archaic.
  • States there is medical proof deaf children between the ages of 1-4 can be taught to talk, but sufficient money is not being given to support such work.
  • If deaf children are taught to speak, then they will be able to go to school, get a job and get married.
  • He has gone to the state regarding this topic and has the approval of 9 out of 11 senators.
  • Also in the process of contacting all 28 FL Sertoma clubs, asking for funds to support Camp Endeavor’s two-week camp

Old Business:

  • None

Motion made by Charles Lake to adjourn, 2nd by John Wasmund.

Charles Lake

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