Board Minutes of Feb. 4th 2017

Sertoma Camp Endeavor

Meeting called to order 10:00 a..m.

1..First order of business was a discussion of procedures to accomplish check writing and accounting with the new bookkeeping firm. Bookkeeper will be in Dundee every Thursday and bills presented to the Bookkeeper will be paid at that time. Bills presented after Thursday will be paid the following Thursday. John Wasmund will retain three checks for emergency purposes.

  1. Ray Gustiniani, Summer Camp Director, and Lorraine Hartman, interpreter, present to help organize and present needs for Summer Camp.

  2. Board action: Camp will be for two weeks.

  3. Counselors report Friday, 07/07/2017, Campers sign in Sunday 07/09/ 2017.

  4. 07/15/2017 week end break. Campers not going home for the weekend will pay $80 to cover the cost of food and expense of Counselors.

  5. Camp authorized for 70 campers.

  6. Appreciation Day Saturday, 07/18/207 and campers go home. Staff clean up Sunday, 7/19.

  7. Ray will compile a needs list for Camp and a Food Menu to be presented at the next meeting

2..No minutes from last meeting.

3. Treasure’s Report: Approved.

4. Rental Committee Report: Approved.Public Relations Committee Report. Chamber of commerce meeting attended by 4 board members. Approved.

5, Building & Maintenance Report. Nomads replacing ceiling in the main kitchen.

  • Ray Rogers secured the paint and materials necessary to paint and repair the exterior of the Cafe/Auditorium under budget. The barn will also be painted.
  • Ray Rogers has a bid for a new truss for the barn. It will require 5 strong people to install. Building and Maintenance report approved..


  1. Bud Osborn had suggested a formula for a membership drive, but believed it would be too time consuming at this time
  2. Next meeting Saturday, March 4, 2017.
  3. Motion to Adjourn: Approve.


Submitted by President Charles Lake.



Charles Lake

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